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Sui Lu - Floor Exercise (TF) @ 2012 London Olympics

(Photo Credit: Volker Minkus)

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WAG Team Final Results from 2013 East Asian Games

Congratulations to Tan Sixin, Wu Liufang, Zhang Yelinzi, Jiang Tong, Tan Jiaxin and Zheng Wen.

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MAG Team Final Results from 2013 East Asian Games

Congratulations to Huang Xi, Zhang Yang, Liu Rongbing, Huang Yuguo, Deng Shudi and Ji Lianshen.

Full video of the competition can be found on chinesegym1’s YouTube Channel.

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Detailed Results from Team Final @ 2013 National Games

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He Kexin: Bars during the Team Final at the 2012 Olympic Games.

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Results from MAG Team Final of AYOF 2013

I didn’t realize TC MAG was competing 3-3-3 and still got 2nd place.  Respect!^_^

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China on Top - Results from WAG Team Final of AYOF 2013

Competition videos can be found here: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2107963817

(Photo Credit: Brittany Lane)

(Source: ayof2013.olympics.com.au)

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Yao Jinnan - Team Final @ 2012 London Olympics

(Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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So They Actually Rehearsed This…^_^;

This made my day! Poor Teng Haibin, my heart goes out to him…

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Chinese Team in London 2012 || China misses the Podium in TF

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Chen Yibing receiving Gold Medal for Men’s Team Gymnastics @ London 2012 Olympics

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