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Finally, The Black & Gold Version of This Leo Emerges!!!

I loved this one so much when Li-Ning Co. released the pictures of the Olympic leos, it was my favorite ♥ And now to finally see it on Tan Sixin at the Individual Championship just made my day ^_^

(Photo Credit: Elena @ sh, Violet, Wei Zheng)

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Chinese Olympic Leotards - MAG Edition

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Chinese Olympic Leotards - WAG Edition

Apparently each girl was issued 8 leotards for the Olympics that includes 3 long-sleeve leos (pictured), 1 event final leo that’s one-of-the-kind and designed with inputs from the gymnast herself, and 4 training leos; which I assume is the two sleeveless ones pictured above, plus that pink/black one and the orange/black one in the 1st picture ^.^

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Color Ritual: Random Thoughts on Team China’s Red and Yellow Leotards

Team China’s infamous for their red and yellow/gold leotards; I wonder if it’s possible for them to copyright this color scheme since they pretty much own it by now…Chinese fans jokingly dubbed this theme as the ”sautéed tomatoes with scrambled eggs”. lol.  (*∩_∩*)

I think prefer the earlier designs more than the recent ones. I like the earlier ones—90s through early 2000s; those simple and clean lines please my eyes more than the shiny swirls. Some people are screaming for a change on the red & yellow, but I’m kinda used to this color combo. It’s so distinct and easily recognizable… it is so China :P It’s like Team China’s color ritual. I mean, why break the tradition, right?

 I’m really looking forward to the new leotard design this year. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed ^_^

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Li Ning Co. Needs More Original Leotard Designers

Li Ning Co. doesn’t lack unique leotard designs in the past. Just think of their designs for the past few Olympics. I love the red-yellow-white one they designed for the Sydney Olympics, that red one with sparkly stars for Athens, and of course the Qipao (or Cheogsam) inspired leo for Beijing. Even that nightmare-ish hot pink mess they designed for the Rotterdam Worlds was unique in a not very flattering way. And of course, who can forget Huang Qiushuang’s one-of-the-kind green & white leo at Tokyo Worlds.

Unique as they were in the past; however, lately Li-Ning leos designs are starting to resemble more and more of other major leotard manufacturers… From Tan Sixin’s blue and white leo at Pac Rim to Huang Qiushuang’s purple and white leo at Zibo World Cup; they all sorta look like someone else’s leo with slight modifications. The most obvious offender is Team China’s latest red & yellow workout leo, it’s almost an exact copy of Christian Moreau… (×﹏×)

Dear Li Ning Co., innovation and creativity is what drives a business to success; and to remain successful, continuous improvement is the key. If your current designers are unable to achieve that, then it is time to hire some new ones with fresh ideas and better imagination.  

(Photo Credit: Zhang Jie, Koning Photography, Xinhua News, GK, Christian Moreau, unknown)

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Pretty Leos 2012

I really like the leotards the girls have been wearing in the international competitions this year.  It’s such a nice break from the usual red & yellow themed leos copyrighted by team China. My favorite is Wu Liufang’s pink, black & white leo she wore at the Cottbus Challenger Cup. Tan Sixin’s white and blue one is also very nice. I can’t wait to see what the girls will wear at the nationals. =)

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