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Sang Lan Finds Her Happiness

15 years after the tragic accident at the 1998 Goodwill Games that left her paralyzed from the chest down for life, former national vault champion Sang Lan happily married her agent Huang Jian earlier this month.  Huang Jian has served as her agent over the years; love sparked as they went through the legal proceedings together seeking damages for her injury.  The couple had a simple celebration this week and plans to have a delayed wedding ceremony next year. Congratulations to the happy couple. 

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Yao Jinnan Pulled Her Leg Muscle…

Just got the news from Zhang Jie’s Weibo… (T.T)

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CCTV NEWS VIDEO: Injured Teng Haibin to Miss the Olympics

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A Familiar Face

Cheng Fei back in gym for the first time after injury to cheer on the girls ^_^

Dear Feifei, please have a speedy recovery ♥

Have you noticed she’s been wearing this same hat all the time?

(Photo via Che Li’s Weibo)

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Feifei, Please Get Well Soon! ♥

(Photo via Zhang Jie’s Weibo)

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Fang Fang’s back in training ^_^ I’m so glad that both her and Yao Jinnan bounced back from their injuries so fast.

(Photo via Coach Sun’s Weibo)

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Yao Jinnan is Back at Training! <333333333
Take that world, She is back!
(Photo via Coach Xu’s Weibo)

Yao Jinnan is Back at Training! <333333333

Take that world, She is back!

(Photo via Coach Xu’s Weibo)

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Fangfang, please get well soon…

For those of you who are still wondering, Fangfang is fine. Doctors didn’t find anything major from her X-ray and CT scans, but they are still making her wear a neck support just in case.  She should be back at training within a week or two =) Fangfang has the worst luck of this quad, I really hope the best for her.

(Photo Credit: Needle85)

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News Reports on MAG Qualifications and Yao Jinnan’s Injury

Here’s the link to the video. I can’t embed this video for some reason… :(

The first part of the video is on MAG qualifications. Lots of footage on the National team. The news crew is ruthless… they are showing all kinds of mistake footage on Cheng Yibing ×_× You’ll see footage on Chen Yibing getting medical treatment on his leg, but that’s just a muscle spasm, he’s just fine. According to his Weibo, he taped his legs too tight and cut off circulation… o_o… No officially released scores yet…

Second part of the video is on Yao Jinnan. It’s so sad to see her cry. Right after the reporter mentions the word “competition” her tears started to fall; she really wants to be the National Champion. Coach Wang comforts her by saying she’ll get it next year. She still wants to compete with her injury but her coach pulled her from the competition.  Nannan has some minor injuries on her knee. I really don’t understand medical terms, but she’ll be fine is what they are saying. ^_^

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Update on Yao Jinnan ∩_∩

This girl scared me to death yesterday, but I am happy to report that she is just fine ^_^ She went to the hospital and took some X-rays on her knee; the doctors found nothing wrong =) To protect their number 1 seed, the coaching staff made the decision to pull Yao Jinnan from the competition and let her rest. During the brief interview with a reporter, Yao Jinnan cried; her coach explains to the reporter that she so wants to compete and become the national champion. Oh, Nannan, you already are the national champion in our hearts. She is just so cute!(>_<)

Yao Jinnan just couldn’t stay away from the competition arena, she came back today and cheered for the MAG gymnasts during the qualifications ^_^

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Yao Jinnan’s Scary Fall on Vault…(ㄒoㄒ)

People heard Yao Jinnan scream and saw her sat on the mat.  Coach Wang ran up and talked with her briefly before carrying her off the podium. Team doctor came over and did some treatments. Head Coach Lu and Head Coach Huang came over to check on Yao Jinnan, but she was still able to walk. Fans have reported that she was evetually carried out of the area. I don’t know anything else about her current condition and I am praying for the best…(ㄒoㄒ)

(Photo courtesy of cagalliyula77)

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A Little Update on Jiang Yuyuan

It has been reported that our beloved team captain has sustained some minor foot injury. The injury affected her performance at the most recent internal test of the national team where she had mistakes on both vault and floor ×_× Jiang doesn’t want to blame the mistakes on her injuries; she told the news reports she’ll keep training hard and is trying very hard at getting her top form back. But don’t worry, her injuries aren’t serious and she is still expected to compete at the Nationals ^○^

One of my followers asked me about Jiang Yuyuan’s Weibo account via post reply yesterday, and here’s the link to her Weibo.  Tumblr doesn’t allow me to reply a post reply, it’s a programming limitation they need to fix in the future. So for now if you have a question, please use the “ask me” function, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.(>﹏<)

(Pictured: Jiang Yuyuan at the Doha World Cup earlier this year.  Photo via 悲伤海豚’s Weibo)

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