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Pictures from Podium Training @ 2014 Asian Games

(Photo Credit: Zhou Jingjie/Xinhua News Agency)

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Wang Yan - Day 1 of Event Finals @ 2014 Nanjing YOG

(Photo Credit: Cheng Min, An Lingjun)

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Women’s All Around Final - Detailed Results from 2014 Nanjing YOG with Rankings by Event

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2014 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships Event Final Start List

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Zeng Siqi - Balance Beam (TF) @ 2013 National Games

(Photo Credit: Chen Feiyang)

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US MAG Team Visits China

The National Training Center is welcoming a group of special guests this week.  Nine athletes and six coaching staff from the US men’s national gymnastics team has come for a week-long learning, joint training and exchange opportunity. 

The World Championships will be held in Nanning this year and this would be a first time visit for many of American gymnasts to China.  Team USA has come to China get used to the environment, and also let the athletes get a feel for the Chinese gymnastics training process .

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Team China off to DTB Team Challenge in Stuttgart, Germany

The competition will be held from November 29th through December 1st.  The following gymnasts will be competing for Team China:

WAG: Yao Jinnan, Tan Sixin, Huang Huidan, Tan Jiaxin

MAG: Lin Chaopan, Deng Shudi, Liu Rongbing, Cheng Ran

Good luck to Team China!

(Photo via Coach Xu’s Weibo)

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Li Li - Balance Beam @ 1992 Barcelona Olympics

(Photo Credit: Unknown)

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Li Shanshan - Balance Beam @ 2008 Beijing Olympics

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Zeng Siqi’s Balance Beam routine during qualifications at the 2013 World Championships

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Classic China Beam

Tan Sixin - BB (EF) @ 2013 East Asian Games

(Photo Credit: zz726)

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Results from 2013 Memorial Arthur Gander

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Sui Lu - Floor Exercise (TF) @ 2012 London Olympics

(Photo Credit: Volker Minkus)

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Tan Sixin - Floor Exerciase (EF) @ 2013 East Asian Games

(Photo Credit: Shi Chan, edited by zz)

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