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Huang Huidan - 2013 World Champion on Uneven Bars

(Photo Credit: Dean Mouhtaropoulos, Els De Nil, Piibunina)

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Zou Kai 2012 Olympics FX EF D-score

1. Double twisting double back layout (F)

2. 1.5 twist back (C) + Van Roon (D) = 0.1

3. Double Twist Front (D) + Full Twist Front (C) = 0.1

4. 2.5 twist back (D) + 1.5 twist front (C) = 0.1

5. Fedorchenko (C)

6. Whip (B) + Thomas Straight (E) = 0.1

7. Double twisting double back tucked (E)

F+C+D+D+C+D+C+C+E+E = 4.0

Bonus: 0.4

Requierements : 2.5

Total= 6.9

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Olympic Beam Champion Deng Linlin
(Illustrated by Zhang Jianhua)

Olympic Beam Champion Deng Linlin

(Illustrated by Zhang Jianhua)

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MATCHING QUIZ: When They Were Young

Can you match the baby pictures with the correct gymnast? (^_~)


  • A-8, Zou Kai
  • B-7, Deng Linlin
  • C-2, Yang Yilin
  • D-3, Jiang Yuyuan
  • E-6, Chen Yibing
  • F-5, Li Xiaopeng
  • G-4, Cheng Fei
  • H-1, Xiao Qin
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"Horse God" Xiao Qin Appreciation Post

My favorite male gymnast.  There’s just something extra special about a military man competing for his country and won. ^ ^

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Money, Home, and a Recreation Center for Dengdeng ^.^

The Lixin County government has awarded our Olympic champion Deng Linlin a brand new apartment and ¥100,000 RMB (approx. $16,000 USD) for her achievements.  In addition, they are building a new city recreation center that will be named after her. Great for Deng Linlin ^.^ 

Keep in mind that all these are just from the county government.  The Anhui provincial government awards about ¥500,000 RMB (approx. $80,000 USD) for a gold medal (If Deng were to come from bigger provinces like Shandong, that figure shoots up to ¥1,000,000 RMB). Plus the cash prizes from the national government that is also estimated around ¥500,000 RMB per gold medal. Not to mention all the corporations and nonprofit foundation award prizes, advertisement income, media appearances, exhibition tours, and business sponsorships that comes with the gold medal.  Olympic champions are raking in good money for themselves. Although the team takes a commission on the earnings and taxes will take out another chunk of it.  I’m guessing by the time they tally up the total, gymnasts only get to receive about 50% of that… >_< 

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"The Chinese Men&#8217;s Gymnastics Team" by Ye Haobin

"The Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team" by Ye Haobin

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Deng Linlin - Balance Beam Event Final @ 2012 London Olympics

Deng Linlin - Balance Beam Event Final @ 2012 London Olympics

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So They Actually Rehearsed This…^_^;

This made my day! Poor Teng Haibin, my heart goes out to him…

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2012 Olympic Balance Beam Champion - DENG LINLIN!

(Photo credit: Emmanuel Dunand/Getty Images)

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