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Some pictures of our girls killing time at the airport.  Best luck at the Worlds ^_^

(Photos via Coach Xu’s Weibo)

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Latest Picture on Cheng Fei

Cheng Fei was spotted in the lounge of China Southern Airline a few days ago flying from Beijing to Wuhan; presumably going home for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Maybe she can talk about that job offer from the team with her family. That just seems like the perfect job for her. Feifei is finishing up her master degree in sports education & training (last time I heard she was still working on her thesis).  Put your education to use girl! ^_^

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Killing Time at the Airport ♫ - Part II

At first it was just Yao Jinnan getting a push from Coach Xu, but when the other girls saw it, it got out of hand… Coach Xu is so strong ^_^

(Photos via Coach Xu’s Weibo)

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Killing Time at the Airport ♫

They had so much fun with that pair of sunglasses~~ Mmm… *secretly added the sunglasses to my wishlist* ^o^

(Photo via Coach Xu’s Weibo)

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The Alternates Going Home to Beijing… (T.T)

(Photo via Che Li’s Weibo)

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Team China Heading for London (Part III) - Fun at the Airport

(Photo Credit: Jia Yuchen/Sina Sports, Sui Lu, Deng Linlin)

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