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In anticipation of the upcoming Asian Games, gymnasts selected to compete are required to attend a seminar on media relations and public etiquette.

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Team China’s 60th Anniversary Celebration (1/3)

Zhang Chenglong! Zhang Chenglong!  ZHANG! CHENG! LONG!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

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Results from 2013 Memorial Arthur Gander

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Zhang Chenglong & Shang Chunsong in Switzerland

These two will be competing at the upcoming Memorial Arthur Gander on October 30th and Swiss Cup on November 3rd. Best of luck!

This picture is just so unintentionally funny to me… ^o^

(Photo via Zhang Chenglong’s Weibo, Thanks to Ed for the updated info)

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Champions at the Charity Dinner ^_^

Random observations:

  • He Kexin & Fan Ye are beautiful <3
  • Deng Linlin & Huang Huidan switched outfits???
  • Zhang Nan & Teng Haibin are so cute together
  • Zhang Chenglong! Zhang Chenglong! Zhang Chenglong! <3333333
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Gymnasts Attends Lecture on Secrets of Success

TC continues its tradition of putting gymnasts through boring lectures in its relentless pursuit of theory over practice (remember this 3 months ago?); the latest lecture is on secrets of success… Makes you wonder if they purchased these lectures on bulk discount. The highlight of the lecture is of course the group photo afterwards when they seems to always coincidentally select the same gymnasts to pose for the oh-so-natural smile pictures. My poor gymnasts…

(Top picture L-R: He Kexin, Deng Linlin, Keynote Speaker Dr. Yan Chongnian, Jiang Yuyuan, and Zhang Chenglong.  Photo via Coach Ye Zhennan’s Weibo)

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For all the Zhang Chenglong fans out there, here comes his goofy side ^_^

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MAG Team at the CCTV Annual Sports Personality Award

The annual CCTV Sports Awards, recognized as the Chinese version of the Laureus World Sports Awards, is taken as the premier honors on the Chinese sporting calendar. The 11 category winners came from the votes cast by 120 sports specialists.

Unfortunately, the Chinese MAG team didn’t win the Sports Team of the Year (WTF?!); that honor went to the Chinese swimming team (seriously? it’s not like they won any team relay events!)… Even worse, five-time Olympic champion Zou Kai didn’t event get a nomination for best male athlete…*rage* *rage* *rage*….

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Zhang Chenglong - January 2013 VivaSports Cover 

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VivaSports January 2013 poster featuring gymnastics royalties Li Ning, Zhang Chenglong, Zou Kai and Feng Zhe.

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MAG Team Attends Movie Premier for “Bring Happiness Home” on Jan. 6th, 2013

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More Baby Pictures! Guess Who They Are ^ ^



Top row: Zou Kai, Huang Huidan, Li Xiaoshuang

Middle row: Feng Zhe, Mo Huilan, Yang Yilin

Bottom row: Zhang Chenglong, Huang Qiushuang, Sui Lu

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Deng Linlin, Zhang Chenglong and Feng Zhe Join Jianlibao To Promote Healthy Active Lifestyle

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MAG Team Attends Esquire Man At His Best Festival

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More Cars…

So, this is the 4th auto post this year (search “auto” under this blog will find you the earlier posts), parking must be a joke for the gymnasts…. >_<

This round, Chen Yibing, Zou Kai, Zhang Chenglong, and Guo Weiyang all received brand new BMWs. 

Me jelly? Oui, oui~~ T_T

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