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Cartoon Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team

Click on individual image to find out who that is (^o^) …..cuz to be honest, they all looked pretty much the same to me…(0_o)

(Pictures via Eilinna’s Weibo)

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One Minuet Hero

(Photo Special on the Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team by Elle Men magazine)

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Chinese New Clip - Interview with the Alternates


(Source: youtube.com)

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Chinese Olympic Team Send Off Ceremony

The Chinese National Gymnastics Team held the send off ceremony for the 2012 Olympic team earlier today to motivate our gymnasts to win more gold medals.  The ceremony was hosted by Olympic Champions Liu Xuan and Li Xiaopeng.  Some notable attendees include Li Ning, Li Xiaoshuang, Yang Wei, Huang Xu, etc. 

The MAG Team will be leaving for Ireland on the 10th, and the WAG team will follow on the 15th.Both team will live and train in Ireland until the 20th before they move into the Olympic Village in London.

(Photos via Weibo of Zhang Jie, Li Xiaopeng, Che Li, and Coach Sun)

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Chinese MAG Team Dragon Themed Olympic Leos

(Pictured L-R: Zhang Chenglong, Chen Yibin, Feng Zhe, Teng Haibin, Yan Minyong, Guo Weiyang, Zou Kai.  Photo via Bi Wenjing’s Weibo)

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MAG Team Trains in Tianjin

As part of their physical training, the Chinese MAG team has temporarily moved to Tianjin. This is the final environmental change training before the Olympics designed for the gymnasts to adapt to new environments; to train both physically and mentally, and to prepare them for the Olympics.  The team will leave for Northern Ireland next month trainning for the Olympic games in London.

The Chinese MAG Olympic Team: Zou Kai, Chen Yibing, Zhang Chenglong, Teng Haibin and Feng Zhe. Alternates Guo Weiyang and Yan Mingyong.

(Photo via Coach Chen’s Weibo)

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