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Happy Chinese New Year!

(Photo Credit: Li Zhiyan, Submitted by Miyukiii)

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Cola Cao Commercial Blooper Pics

L-R: Pang Panpan, Fan Ye, Cheng Fei, Xiao Qin, Feng Zhe, Yang Wei… I have no clue who the guy in white is >_<

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Yang Wei Celebrates the Release of His New Book
“Blazon Forth Our Country Prestige”

Also at the book signing event to show their support were head coach Huang Yubing and Yang Wei’s former teammates Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu, Xiao Qin, Xing Aowei, Teng Haibin, Chen Yibing, and Guo Weiyang. It’s like a reunion of Olympic Champions.

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Too Funny Not to Blog About It  >o<

Okay, need to catch my breath… laughing too hard… omg….dying…. X_X

I think they did this for the 2006 Doha Asian Games…so much going on in this pic to make fun of I don’t even know where to start…. I mean just look at that enormous “pearl” Chen Yibing is holding in his hand, Styrofoam much? lol >_<…. omg too funny… I can’t…


(Click picture to enlarge, photo via Coach Ye’s Weibo)

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MATCHING QUIZ: When They Were Young

Can you match the baby pictures with the correct gymnast? (^_~)


  • A-8, Zou Kai
  • B-7, Deng Linlin
  • C-2, Yang Yilin
  • D-3, Jiang Yuyuan
  • E-6, Chen Yibing
  • F-5, Li Xiaopeng
  • G-4, Cheng Fei
  • H-1, Xiao Qin
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"Horse God" Xiao Qin Appreciation Post

My favorite male gymnast.  There’s just something extra special about a military man competing for his country and won. ^ ^

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Random Pictures from MAG Podium Training

With the new 5-3-3 competition format for the Olympics, MAG gymnasts are training on more events. At this year’s Nationals, we’ll get to watch routines like Feng Zhe on rings etc…. o_o…

The Japanese MAG team has their eyes set on gold medals on team, all around, floor exercise, high bar and parallel bars; which mirrors the goals for Team China with the exception of Uchimura’s AA and Chen Yibin’s SR. They have put great pressure on Team China; we are definitely in for an awesome show down at the Olympics.

(Photo curtsey of Che Li)

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