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Women’s All Around Final - Detailed Results from 2014 Nanjing YOG with Rankings by Event

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WAG All-Around Final Results from 2013 East Asian Games

Congratulations to Tan Sixin and Zhang Yelinzi.

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WAG Team Final Results from 2013 East Asian Games

Congratulations to Tan Sixin, Wu Liufang, Zhang Yelinzi, Jiang Tong, Tan Jiaxin and Zheng Wen.

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2013 Chinese National Games WAG All-Around Final Results


Congrats to both Yao Jinnan & Shang Chunsong! ^_^

ps 感叹我朝体操裁判数学如此之好,鬼斧神工之能让人佩服啊。。。

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2013 Chinese National Game WAG Qualification Results

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2013 Tokyo World Cup Start List

Tokyo World Cup is an All Around competition and it will be split out in two days (milking the ticket sales much?).  The competition schedule is as follows:

Saturday, April 6th
12:30-15:30 MAG & WAG Training
15:45-15:55 Opening Ceremony
16:00-18:30 World Cup – first half (WVT, WUB, MFX, MPH, MSR)

Sunday, April 7th
11:40-13:40 MAG & WAG Training
14:00-16:30 World Cup – second half (WBB, WFX, MVT, MPB, MHB)
16:30- Medals Ceremonies

Best luck to our gymnasts Huang Qiushuang & Shang Chunsong.

(Source: jpn-gym.or.jp)

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Doha 2013 Event Final Results - Day 2

Sorry I forgot to post this… Tumblr was down that afternoon and I could access anything >_<

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2012 AYOF WAG AA & EF Results

(Source: ayof2013.olympics.com.au)

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2012 Asian Gymnastics Championships - WAG Team Results

(Source: agu-gymnastics.com)

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Pictures from the 2012 Chinese National Gymnastics Individual Championships

(Photo Credit: Fei Maohua)

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2012 Chinese National Gymnastics Individual Championships AA Results

(Info via gymneverland’s Weibo)

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