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Team China Gets Ready for Asian Games

WAG: Shang Chunsong, Chen Siyi, Tan Jiaxin, Bai Yawen, Yao Jinnan, Huang Huidan

MAG: Zou Kai, Liao Junlin, Wang Peng, Yang Shengchao, Huang Yuguo, Huang Xi

The gymnastics competition of the Asian Games will be held from September 21st through the 25th.

(Photo Credit: Yueying/Sohu)

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New Partnership between ANTA Sports and Team China

ANTA Sports has replaced Li-Ning as the official sponsor of the Chinese National Gymnastics Team; thus ending a 23-year-long sponsoring partnership between Li-Ning and Team China.

As the iconic figure of the Chinese gymnastics history, Li Ning and his company has partnership with Chinese gymnastics team for 23 years.  During this sponsoring partnership, Team China has won a total of 98 gold medals from world championships and trained 57 Olympic and world champions.

The new sponsor ANTA Sports is a well-know Chinese sportswear company. ANTA has the financial strength to support Team China in its daily operations. It is unlikely that the National Chinese Gymnastics Team will be affected by the change. We look forward to more excellent results from this new partnership.

(Pictured: Unofficial Worlds Team L-R Huang Huidan, Bai Yawen, Shang Chunsong, Chen Siyi, Tan Jiaxin, and Yao Jinnan wearing new ANTA Sports leotards)

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Team Captain Shang Chunsong leads TC in winter training upgrades

Exciting news are coming from Team China after a long winter training period.  We are seeing upgrades all over; better vaults, more difficult tumbling passes, improved dismounts… things are finally looking good again after the departure of the 2008-2012 squad.  But same as always, upgrades only count when performed in competition.  Best of luck girls!

(Video: Shang Chunsong 3.5 twist on floor via Che Li’s Weishi)

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National Team Selection Camp Begins and Shang Chunsong Wins the 1st Challenge

Today marks the start of two week selection camp for the National Team.  Over 40 young girls and their coaches from all over the country were invited to the camp. The youngest gymnast invited to camp being only 9 years old as part of the identified training group for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Head Coach Huang Yubin has set new training targets for the National Team members where trampoline trainings will be incorporated in their daily training.  All male gymnasts are expected to complete 4 twists on trampoline where female gymnasts are expected to complete 3.5.  An internal test will be given at the end of the winter training; all gymnasts will be tested on their training results and the gymnast(s) who fails the training target then will be eliminated from the training squat for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

During Monday’s weekly team meeting, Shang Chunsong was awarded a new cellphone for being the 1st gymnast to complete the training goal of 3.5 twists on trampoline. ^_^

(Photos via Che Li’s Weibo)

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11/8/2013 - National Training Center - Head Coach Huang Yubing is targeting the training for WAG floor exercise.

(Photos via Che Li’s Weibo)

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Results from 2013 Memorial Arthur Gander

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Zhang Chenglong & Shang Chunsong in Switzerland

These two will be competing at the upcoming Memorial Arthur Gander on October 30th and Swiss Cup on November 3rd. Best of luck!

This picture is just so unintentionally funny to me… ^o^

(Photo via Zhang Chenglong’s Weibo, Thanks to Ed for the updated info)

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Shang Chunsong - UB (Podium Training) @ 2013 World Championships

(Photo Credit: Volker Minkus)

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Baby Chinese gymnasts.

First one is Chunsong and Siqi back in 2008, bottom one is Huidan saying ”I want to be a world champion”.

She achieved her dreammm! /tears

This is adorable! So happy for Huang Huidan. 

And that’s Ling Jie, the 1999 World Champion on balance beam in the 1st picture.  She’s the provincial coach of both Shang Chunsong and Zeng Siqi.  No wonder both are excellent beamers.  ^_^

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Pretty in Red - Shang Chunsong

Balance Beam @ 2013 World Championships

(Photo Credit: Zhou Lei/Xinhua)

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Shang Chunsong - Balance Beam (AA) @ 2013 World Championships

Shang Chunsong - Balance Beam (AA) @ 2013 World Championships

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Shang Chunsong’s leotard makes me think of team Germany…

(Photo Credit: Marijan Murat, Li Ning Co.)

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