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MAG All-Around Final Results from 2013 East Asian Games

Congratulations to Liu Rongbing, Deng Shudi and Huang Yuguo.  The 2 per country rule is in effect at the East Asian Games; therefore, Nonomura from Japan wins the bronze medal. 

Full video of the competition can be found on chinesegym1’s YouTube Channel.

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MAG Team Final Results from 2013 East Asian Games

Congratulations to Huang Xi, Zhang Yang, Liu Rongbing, Huang Yuguo, Deng Shudi and Ji Lianshen.

Full video of the competition can be found on chinesegym1’s YouTube Channel.

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2013 Tokyo World Cup Start List

Tokyo World Cup is an All Around competition and it will be split out in two days (milking the ticket sales much?).  The competition schedule is as follows:

Saturday, April 6th
12:30-15:30 MAG & WAG Training
15:45-15:55 Opening Ceremony
16:00-18:30 World Cup – first half (WVT, WUB, MFX, MPH, MSR)

Sunday, April 7th
11:40-13:40 MAG & WAG Training
14:00-16:30 World Cup – second half (WBB, WFX, MVT, MPB, MHB)
16:30- Medals Ceremonies

Best luck to our gymnasts Huang Qiushuang & Shang Chunsong.

(Source: jpn-gym.or.jp)

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Doha 2013 Event Final Results - Day 2

Sorry I forgot to post this… Tumblr was down that afternoon and I could access anything >_<

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MAG Qualification Results from Doha Challenge Cup 2013

Click on image to enlarge.

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New Documentary on Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team

This is part 1 of 9 (no English subtitles).  Here are the links for Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, and Part 9.  Enjoy.

(Submitted by Bunny, via chinesegym1's YouTube Channel)

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Results from MAG Team Final of AYOF 2013

I didn’t realize TC MAG was competing 3-3-3 and still got 2nd place.  Respect!^_^

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2013 AYOF MAG AA & EF Results

(Source: ayof2013.olympics.com.au)

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MAG Team at the CCTV Annual Sports Personality Award

The annual CCTV Sports Awards, recognized as the Chinese version of the Laureus World Sports Awards, is taken as the premier honors on the Chinese sporting calendar. The 11 category winners came from the votes cast by 120 sports specialists.

Unfortunately, the Chinese MAG team didn’t win the Sports Team of the Year (WTF?!); that honor went to the Chinese swimming team (seriously? it’s not like they won any team relay events!)… Even worse, five-time Olympic champion Zou Kai didn’t event get a nomination for best male athlete…*rage* *rage* *rage*….

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Feng Zhe & Co. Training Fun

If I’m correct about this, Feng Zhe’s in green, Wang Guanyin’s in orange, and that UFO doing the vault should be Yang Shengchao ^_^



For those who didn’t get this Meme — it’s known as “Aircraft Carrier Style-Shootering/航母Style-走你” in China, which has spawned from the Chinese navy’s first successful landing on its recently unveiled aircraft carrier Liaoning. “Shootering” emulates the military hand gesture used by flight deck officers to signal the release of fighter jets on board. See more information on “Shootering” here. 

(Image via Feng Zhe’s Weibo, original video shot by Liang Fuliang)

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2012 Asian Gymnastics Championships - MAG Team Results

(Source: agu-gymnastics.com)

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2012 Asian Gymnastics Championships - MAG AA Results

(Source: agu-gymnastics.com)

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2012 Chinese National Gymnastics Individual Championships AA Results

(Info via gymneverland’s Weibo)

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Too Funny Not to Blog About It  >o<

Okay, need to catch my breath… laughing too hard… omg….dying…. X_X

I think they did this for the 2006 Doha Asian Games…so much going on in this pic to make fun of I don’t even know where to start…. I mean just look at that enormous “pearl” Chen Yibing is holding in his hand, Styrofoam much? lol >_<…. omg too funny… I can’t…


(Click picture to enlarge, photo via Coach Ye’s Weibo)

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