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Champion Cheering Group for 2014 Nanning Worlds

China’s Prince of Gymmnastics Li Ning heads a powerful champion cheering squad for the upcoming Worlds that consists of Yang Wei, Li Xiaopeng, Li Xiaoshuang, Li Dashuang, Teng Haibin, He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, and Zhang Nan.

(Photos via VivaSports)

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VivaSports January 2013 poster featuring gymnastics royalties Li Ning, Zhang Chenglong, Zou Kai and Feng Zhe.

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News Clip on the Sendoff Ceremony for the Olympians

The video is in Chinese and I don’t have the English transcript for it >_<

Some familiar faces in the video include Olympic Champions Li Xiaopeng, Chen Yibing, Deng Linlin, Li Ning, Li Xiaoshuang, Liu Xuan, and Head Coach Huang Yubing.

• Chen Yibing - “To pursue the gymnastics spirit, we will come together and fight for the best result”

• Deng Linlin - “I’m very happy to be able to represent China at the Olympics for the 2nd time. I feel like all the efforts I’ve put in has been paid off”

• Head Coach Huang - “We’ll make adjustments in Ireland and get over the jet lag and climate differences”

• Li Ning - “The MAG team will try to defend their Olympic gold in London. It will be very challenging to the gymnast based on what we’ve seen in the World Championships in Japan last year, but I have faith in them”

• Liu Xuan - “The WAG team getting a medal at all would be an accomplishment, while there is still hope for an individual medal on beam”

• Li Xiaoshuang - “I believe the MAG team is capable of repeating the brilliance at the Beijing Olympics”

Thanks to cloudsintherain for submitting the video and to Chinesegym1 for uploading the video on YouTube ^_^

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Chinese Olympic Team Send Off Ceremony

The Chinese National Gymnastics Team held the send off ceremony for the 2012 Olympic team earlier today to motivate our gymnasts to win more gold medals.  The ceremony was hosted by Olympic Champions Liu Xuan and Li Xiaopeng.  Some notable attendees include Li Ning, Li Xiaoshuang, Yang Wei, Huang Xu, etc. 

The MAG Team will be leaving for Ireland on the 10th, and the WAG team will follow on the 15th.Both team will live and train in Ireland until the 20th before they move into the Olympic Village in London.

(Photos via Weibo of Zhang Jie, Li Xiaopeng, Che Li, and Coach Sun)

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Olympics Leos for Team China
Li Ning Co. has unveiled their leotard designs for the Olympics. Red and Yellow as expected; after all, gotta keep the &#8220;sautéed tomato &amp; scrambled eggs&#8221; tradition going :P Although they did include a white version this time. My overall impression on the design? Meh~

Olympics Leos for Team China

Li Ning Co. has unveiled their leotard designs for the Olympics. Red and Yellow as expected; after all, gotta keep the “sautéed tomato & scrambled eggs” tradition going :P Although they did include a white version this time. My overall impression on the design? Meh~

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A Clarification on this “Gun” Shaped Hand Gesture

Here’s the thing, I am tired of seeing this hand gesture being called “gun” on the web. The hand gesture does not mean peace, it is not a victory sign, it does not stand for love, and it is definitely not a gun.  So, let’s get over with all the “China’s got Guns” posts and let me set the record straight (^_^)

This “gun” shaped hand gesture is an ambush marketing tactic by the Li Ning Company—the official sponsor of the Chinese national gymnastics team. The gun-shaped hand gesture is supposed to resemble the “L” shaped logo of Li Ning Co. Chinese gymnasts flash this gesture to satisfy their contract obligations with Li Ning Co.  The whole thing is tacky and pointless because nobody associate or even recognize this hand gesture with Li Ning other than a few die-hard fans.  Money well spend on Li Ning’s part. (-_-)  So there you have it. The whole flashing hand gesture is just an advertisement for Li Ning Co.

We rarely get to see the Chinese gymnast doing this L-shaped hand gestures these days since most event organizers are very protective of the rights of their official sponsors; therefore, ambush marketing is strictly not allowed for any company that is not the official sponsor of the event. And that’s how it should be, I hate our girls being used as advertising tools.  (∩_∩)

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Li Ning Co. Needs More Original Leotard Designers

Li Ning Co. doesn’t lack unique leotard designs in the past. Just think of their designs for the past few Olympics. I love the red-yellow-white one they designed for the Sydney Olympics, that red one with sparkly stars for Athens, and of course the Qipao (or Cheogsam) inspired leo for Beijing. Even that nightmare-ish hot pink mess they designed for the Rotterdam Worlds was unique in a not very flattering way. And of course, who can forget Huang Qiushuang’s one-of-the-kind green & white leo at Tokyo Worlds.

Unique as they were in the past; however, lately Li-Ning leos designs are starting to resemble more and more of other major leotard manufacturers… From Tan Sixin’s blue and white leo at Pac Rim to Huang Qiushuang’s purple and white leo at Zibo World Cup; they all sorta look like someone else’s leo with slight modifications. The most obvious offender is Team China’s latest red & yellow workout leo, it’s almost an exact copy of Christian Moreau… (×﹏×)

Dear Li Ning Co., innovation and creativity is what drives a business to success; and to remain successful, continuous improvement is the key. If your current designers are unable to achieve that, then it is time to hire some new ones with fresh ideas and better imagination.  

(Photo Credit: Zhang Jie, Koning Photography, Xinhua News, GK, Christian Moreau, unknown)

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He Kexin and Sui Lu for Li Ning Sports Apparel

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Chinese girls in sports bra… too sexy for little girls…:P  check out Sui Lu’s abs! He Kexin is in every advertisement that features the national team, the girl knows how to make $$$ for sure.

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