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Team China’s 60th Anniversary Celebration (1/3)

Zhang Chenglong! Zhang Chenglong!  ZHANG! CHENG! LONG!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

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Recent Photo Update of Our Beloved Retired Gymnasts ^_^

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Blossom, Chinese Gymnastics Flowers

Retired gymnasts appreciation post. 

♥ Sui Lu ♥ Wu Lliufang ♥ Huang Qiushuang ♥ Deng Linlin ♥ Jiang Yuyuan ♥

(Photo Credit: Tang Hui)

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Farewell my flowers…

2010 Worlds Team L-R: Yang Yilin, Huang Qiushaung, Sui Lu, He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Wu Liufang, Deng Linlin.

(Photo Credit: Gymjiajia?)

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Time to Say Goodbye

Sad news, the time has come to say goodbye to two of the most beautiful gymnasts on Team China — Huang Qiushuang and Wu Liufang.  Both girls have decided to retire in pursuit of their education.  From what I’ve heard, both girls are going to Beijing Sport University.  Best of luck to new beginnings ^_^ Shuangshuang & Fangfang, you’ll be missed. T.T

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Nominative Entries to 2013 East Asian Games

Tan Sixin, Wu Liufang, Huang Qiushuang,

Zhang Yelinzi, Jiang Tong, Tan Jiaxin

The East Asian Games is an international multi-sport event that will take place in Tianjin, China, between October 9th and October 14th, 2013.


The MAG entries are: Zhang Yang, Deng Shudi, Huang Xi, Huang Yuguo, Ji Lianshen, Liu Rongbing.  

Rumors are going around saying Huang Qiushuang is being replaced by Zheng Wen in the competition due to injuries.

The competition format will be 6-5-4, teams from Japan, Korea, North Korea, Hong Kong, Mongolia, and Taiwan (or Chinese Taipei if you prefer to call it that way) will also be competing.

The competition schedules are as follows:

October 9th  - MAG podium training

October 10th  - WAG podium training

October 11th  - MAG qualifications & team finals & AA finals

October 12th  - WAG qualifications & team finals & AA finals

October 13th - Event finals day 1 (MFX, PH, WVT, SR, UB)

October 14th - Event finals day 2 (MVT, BB, PB, WFX, HB)

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Huang Qiushuang - Balance Beam @ 2010 Chinese National Gymnastics Championships

(Photo Credit: Li Ming/Xinhua News Agency)

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12th National Games || Huang Qiushuang on Balance Beam [x]

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Behind the Scenes from the 2013 National Games

Jiang Yuyuan didn’t get the chance to perform her final routines at the 2013 National Games, but as the former captain of the national team, she was there for her teammates every step of the way.

Yuanyuan, thank you for being part of our lives for over half a decade and congratulations to you on a beautiful & wonderful career. Best wishes ♥♥♥

(Photos via Cui Jie’s Weibo)

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