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Kexin’s Elusive Shaposh

Finding this footage is like unearthing a buried treasure. Even though she’s never competed the shaposh in competition, knowing that she trained so hard and finally able to execute it is just so wonderful. Remember how terrible it was when she was still learning this skill? Here’s a reminder:

More respect to He Kexin. <3

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Team China’s 60th Anniversary Celebration (2/3)

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Team China’s 60th Anniversary Celebration (1/3)

Zhang Chenglong! Zhang Chenglong!  ZHANG! CHENG! LONG!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

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He Kexin shares a kiss with cute dolphin ^_^

He Kexin shares a kiss with cute dolphin ^_^

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Recent Photo Update of Our Beloved Retired Gymnasts ^_^

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Gymnast Weekend Update

He Kexin tried out as a rickshaw runner ^_^

I have no clue who she’s pulling, Lin Chaopan? Yang Shengchao? Any ideas?

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He Kexin @ 2013 Celebrity Athletes Charity Night <3

(Photos via He Kexin’s Weibo)

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Champions at the Charity Dinner ^_^

Random observations:

  • He Kexin & Fan Ye are beautiful <3
  • Deng Linlin & Huang Huidan switched outfits???
  • Zhang Nan & Teng Haibin are so cute together
  • Zhang Chenglong! Zhang Chenglong! Zhang Chenglong! <3333333
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Farewell my flowers…

2010 Worlds Team L-R: Yang Yilin, Huang Qiushaung, Sui Lu, He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Wu Liufang, Deng Linlin.

(Photo Credit: Gymjiajia?)

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He Kexin&#8217;s goodbye kiss T.T
(GIF by zfkdiyi)

He Kexin’s goodbye kiss T.T

(GIF by zfkdiyi)

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12th National Games || He Kexin competes the last routine of her career [x]

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