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Gymnasts show their support for Ya’an earthquake victims.

(Submitted by Sim Lingyu, images via Weibo)

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Feng Zhe Submits Proposal on Tobacco Control as Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Committee Member of Sichuan Province

Olympic champion Feng Zhe was elected as one of the committee member of the Sichuan CPPCC earlier this month.  Although he was unable to attend the committee session due to training, Feng Zhe was able to submit a detailed proposal titled “Weakening the Influence of Tobacco and Protecting the Health of Adolescents” online. The proposal is very information and well-founded with facts and statistics. 

"I deeply regret that there is no time for me to travel to Chengdu to participate in the provincial CPPCC session, but with the support of my friends, I have prepared this proposal.  I want to make everyone aware of the dangerous effects smoking can have on adolescents.  At the same time, I would like to have practical regulations to control and weaken the impact of tobacco on young people”, said Feng Zhe.

A full copy of the proposal (in Chinese) is available on Feng’s Weibo.

(Source: sports.163.com)

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MAG Team at the CCTV Annual Sports Personality Award

The annual CCTV Sports Awards, recognized as the Chinese version of the Laureus World Sports Awards, is taken as the premier honors on the Chinese sporting calendar. The 11 category winners came from the votes cast by 120 sports specialists.

Unfortunately, the Chinese MAG team didn’t win the Sports Team of the Year (WTF?!); that honor went to the Chinese swimming team (seriously? it’s not like they won any team relay events!)… Even worse, five-time Olympic champion Zou Kai didn’t event get a nomination for best male athlete…*rage* *rage* *rage*….

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VivaSports January 2013 poster featuring gymnastics royalties Li Ning, Zhang Chenglong, Zou Kai and Feng Zhe.

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More Baby Pictures! Guess Who They Are ^ ^



Top row: Zou Kai, Huang Huidan, Li Xiaoshuang

Middle row: Feng Zhe, Mo Huilan, Yang Yilin

Bottom row: Zhang Chenglong, Huang Qiushuang, Sui Lu

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Cola Cao Commercial Blooper Pics

L-R: Pang Panpan, Fan Ye, Cheng Fei, Xiao Qin, Feng Zhe, Yang Wei… I have no clue who the guy in white is >_<

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New Home for Christmas

Zou Kai and Feng Zhe along with 4 other Olympians received brand new apartments in Sichuan province over the weekend. Not bad for a Christmas present ^_^

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Deng Linlin, Zhang Chenglong and Feng Zhe Join Jianlibao To Promote Healthy Active Lifestyle

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MAG Team Attends Esquire Man At His Best Festival

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Feng Zhe & Co. Training Fun

If I’m correct about this, Feng Zhe’s in green, Wang Guanyin’s in orange, and that UFO doing the vault should be Yang Shengchao ^_^



For those who didn’t get this Meme — it’s known as “Aircraft Carrier Style-Shootering/航母Style-走你” in China, which has spawned from the Chinese navy’s first successful landing on its recently unveiled aircraft carrier Liaoning. “Shootering” emulates the military hand gesture used by flight deck officers to signal the release of fighter jets on board. See more information on “Shootering” here. 

(Image via Feng Zhe’s Weibo, original video shot by Liang Fuliang)

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Latest picture on our gymnasts ^_^

L-R: Zhang Chenglong, Deng Linlin, Feng Zhe, Zou Kai, He Kexin

(Photo via Zou Kai’s Weibo)

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Feng Zhe’s latest photo shoot… I’m pretty sure this is how they make people look right before they turn into zombies in the movies… >_<

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New Pics on Feng Zhe

(Photo Credit: Gao Jin/7 Vision)

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New Cars for Chen Yibing and Feng Zhe

(Source: auto.enorth.com.cn)

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More Pics on MAG Team’s Luzhou Tour

They did some symbolic tree planting and then got to pick and enjoy fresh longans!!!!!! My favorite fruit ever ♥ I’m gonna go raid Chinatown for some longans after work ^_~

(Source: sichuan.scol.com.cn)

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