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Wang Yan - Day 1 of Event Finals @ 2014 Nanjing YOG

(Photo Credit: Cheng Min, An Lingjun)

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Results from Day 1 of Event Finals

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New Partnership between ANTA Sports and Team China

ANTA Sports has replaced Li-Ning as the official sponsor of the Chinese National Gymnastics Team; thus ending a 23-year-long sponsoring partnership between Li-Ning and Team China.

As the iconic figure of the Chinese gymnastics history, Li Ning and his company has partnership with Chinese gymnastics team for 23 years.  During this sponsoring partnership, Team China has won a total of 98 gold medals from world championships and trained 57 Olympic and world champions.

The new sponsor ANTA Sports is a well-know Chinese sportswear company. ANTA has the financial strength to support Team China in its daily operations. It is unlikely that the National Chinese Gymnastics Team will be affected by the change. We look forward to more excellent results from this new partnership.

(Pictured: Unofficial Worlds Team L-R Huang Huidan, Bai Yawen, Shang Chunsong, Chen Siyi, Tan Jiaxin, and Yao Jinnan wearing new ANTA Sports leotards)

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Wang Yan - AA @ 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games

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Women’s All Around Final - Detailed Results from 2014 Nanjing YOG with Rankings by Event

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Wang Yan (CHN) - 2014 Youth Olympics

(Source: dreamerlena)

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Champion Cheering Group for 2014 Nanning Worlds

China’s Prince of Gymmnastics Li Ning heads a powerful champion cheering squad for the upcoming Worlds that consists of Yang Wei, Li Xiaopeng, Li Xiaoshuang, Li Dashuang, Teng Haibin, He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, and Zhang Nan.

(Photos via VivaSports)

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2014 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships Event Final Start List

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Videos of Team China routines can be found at http://www.ustream.tv/search?q=chn

(Photo via USAgym.org)

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Team China at Pac Rim

L-R: Xie Yufen, Luo Huan, Liu Tingting, Zhou Linlin, Liu Ying

Apparently the competition arena at Pac Rim is directly above an ice rink; and to protect the ice they’ve shut off all the heaters in the building.  Our girls are having a hard time adjusting to the cold temperature, for now they are relying on hot water bottles to keep themselves warm >_<

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Kexin’s Elusive Shaposh

Finding this footage is like unearthing a buried treasure. Even though she’s never competed the shaposh in competition, knowing that she trained so hard and finally able to execute it is just so wonderful. Remember how terrible it was when she was still learning this skill? Here’s a reminder:

More respect to He Kexin. <3

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Yao Grown Up

April Issue of CCTV-5 features Yao Jinnan.  Yes, officially her name is still Yao Jinnan and that’s the name she’ll be competing under for the near foreseeable future.

It is very difficult to change one’s given name in China once you are over the age of 18. Tons of paperwork and bureaucratic red tape to go through, I won’t be surprised if she’s stuck with the name Yao Jinnan when Rio Olympics comes around. In the mean time, to respect her superstitious wishes, everyone, including journalists have been referring to her as Yao Ziyi.

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