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Sui Lu - Floor Exercise (TF) @ 2012 London Olympics

(Photo Credit: Volker Minkus)

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Zeng Siqi in Training

(Photo Credit: Gymjiajia, circa June 2012)

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National Team Training Session
(Circa 2011~2012, Photo Credit: Tang Hui)

National Team Training Session

(Circa 2011~2012, Photo Credit: Tang Hui)

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Sui Lu in Trainning

(Circa 2012, Photo Credit: Tang Hui)

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Sui Lu - Balance Beam @ 2012 London Olympics & Floor Exercise @ 2011 Tokyo World Championships

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Tan Sixin - Balance Beam (AA) @ 2012 Chinese Nationals

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He Kexin: Bars during the Team Final at the 2012 Olympic Games.

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Deng Linlin & Sui Lu 2012 Olympic Balance Beam Comparison

This is so cool, video via ciciginastica's YouTube channel.

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Zeng Siqi | 2013 Doha Challenge Cup Beam Final: Silver
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Wu Liufang - Balance Beam @ 2012 Cottbus World Cup

(Photo Credit: Unknown, edited by zz)

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Happy Birthday to Shang Chunsong ^_^


Shang Chunsong at the uneven bars and balance beam finals - 2012 Pacific Rim Championships

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♥ The Beautiful Wu Liufang ♥

A gift for Bunny ^^ 芳芳加油!

(Photo via 懒猫)

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Feng Zhe Submits Proposal on Tobacco Control as Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Committee Member of Sichuan Province

Olympic champion Feng Zhe was elected as one of the committee member of the Sichuan CPPCC earlier this month.  Although he was unable to attend the committee session due to training, Feng Zhe was able to submit a detailed proposal titled “Weakening the Influence of Tobacco and Protecting the Health of Adolescents” online. The proposal is very information and well-founded with facts and statistics. 

"I deeply regret that there is no time for me to travel to Chengdu to participate in the provincial CPPCC session, but with the support of my friends, I have prepared this proposal.  I want to make everyone aware of the dangerous effects smoking can have on adolescents.  At the same time, I would like to have practical regulations to control and weaken the impact of tobacco on young people”, said Feng Zhe.

A full copy of the proposal (in Chinese) is available on Feng’s Weibo.

(Source: sports.163.com)

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Deng Linlin Elected Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Committee Member of Anhui Province

Olympic champion Deng Linlin was elected as one of the committee member of the Eleventh Session of Anhui CPPCC; thus becoming the youngest CPPCC committe member of the current session.

Some people question Deng Linlin’s ability as a committee member; they raised the question on what can a young gymnast born after 1990 can do for the people and how can she really understand the issue of people’s livelihood. People are concerned on how can an Olympic Champion who is still busy training and preparing for various competitions have the time and ability to deal with important issuesWhen confronting these questions and distrusts, Deng Linlin’s response to the public was simple— “I will be a qualified CPPCC committee member”.

Good luck to Dengdeng! 加油安徽小丫!

(Photo Credit: Emmanuel Dunand)

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