14-Member Chinese Olympics Training Squad

The girls competing for one of the five Olympics spots are:

  1. Cheng Fei - China’s best hope on vault; she has been landing the Amanar in the pit.
  2. Jiang Yuyuan - The outgoing team captain; reasonably consistent, she is the perfect tablesetter for any competition and any event.
  3. Yao Jinan - The breakout star of 2011; she’s training a more difficult vault, don’t count her out on the AA champion yet.
  4. Sui Lu - Best beam and floor worker on the Chinese team; she’s upgrading, too. Adrianna Pop choreographed her new Indian style floor routine, can’t wait to see it. 
  5. Huang Qiushuang - the headcase of headcases; the skills and forms are all there, she just needs to be consistent. Her UB and VT compliment Sui Lu’s BB and FX perfectly in team finals.
  6. He Kexin - China’s only hope to match up to “Beth the upgrade machine”; if she would just switch out that layout jaeger in her routine already… even I’m getting mental block watching her compete that skill.
  7. Deng Linlin - Biggest surprise of the ‘08 Olympics; she works harder than anyone and can be used on all 4 events, maybe she’ll surprise us once again.
  8. Yang Yilin - Girl with the beautiful form; she has the prettiest DTY in China, maybe she should be training for an Amanar to improve her chances…
  9. Tan Sixin - Headcase of Tokyo Worlds; her leaps are the best of this group IMO, her beam is so gorgeous when she hits.
  10. Wu Liufang - The ultimate alternate of alternates; she’s got beautiful bars and beam routines with that breathtaking Yang Bo leap! They just need to give her a chance to shine.
  11. Huang Huidan - Another beam and bar specialist; her routines have more of a Russian/Western style than the typical Chinese set.
  12. Zeng Siqi - The cutest gymnast since Mo Huilan; she’s great on beam and floor, and she captures your attention like no other.
  13. Luo Peiru - A bars and vault specialist; she has some interesting elements in her bars routine.
  14. Shang Chunsong - the unknown…beam is her best event. 

(Pictured: Adriana Pop with the girls.  L to R: Huang Huidan, Sui Lu, Shang Chunsong, Yao Jinnan, Zeng Siqi, Luo Peiru, Adriana Pop, Huang Qiushuang, Jiang Yuyuan, Wu Liufang, Tan Sixin, Deng linlin.   Photo source unknown.)

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