Videos of Team China routines can be found at

(Photo via

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Team China at Pac Rim

L-R: Xie Yufen, Luo Huan, Liu Tingting, Zhou Linlin, Liu Ying

Apparently the competition arena at Pac Rim is directly above an ice rink; and to protect the ice they’ve shut off all the heaters in the building.  Our girls are having a hard time adjusting to the cold temperature, for now they are relying on hot water bottles to keep themselves warm >_<

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Kexin’s Elusive Shaposh

Finding this footage is like unearthing a buried treasure. Even though she’s never competed the shaposh in competition, knowing that she trained so hard and finally able to execute it is just so wonderful. Remember how terrible it was when she was still learning this skill? Here’s a reminder:

More respect to He Kexin. <3

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Yao Grown Up

April Issue of CCTV-5 features Yao Jinnan.  Yes, officially her name is still Yao Jinnan and that’s the name she’ll be competing under for the near foreseeable future.

It is very difficult to change one’s given name in China once you are over the age of 18. Tons of paperwork and bureaucratic red tape to go through, I won’t be surprised if she’s stuck with the name Yao Jinnan when Rio Olympics comes around. In the mean time, to respect her superstitious wishes, everyone, including journalists have been referring to her as Yao Ziyi.

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TC Entries to 13th Junior Asian Championships


Junior Artistic Gymnastics Asian Championships will be held from April 10th through 14th in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  This championship will serve as qualification for participation in the 2nd Youth  Olympic Games in August.

WAG Entries: Wang Yan, Qin Chang, Zhu Xiaofang, Yuan Xiaoyang, Chen Chaohui

MAG Entries: Wu Xuwei, Ma Yue, Ta Yinga, Wen Weichong, Chang Hongming

Best of luck!

(Pictured L-R: Wang Wei, Chen Li, Qin Chang, Zhu Xiaofang & Wang Yan @ 2013 China vs Russia, Photo Credit: 秋大Qiu要加油)

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Superstitious Yao and Her Quest for Gold


So, what is in a name? To the superstitious Chinese, a given name contains meanings and holds the key to one’s destiny. The Chinese put a great deal of emphasis on naming their child, attempting to bestow auspicious meaning on it while considering good words which sounds both beautiful and lucky in Chinese pronunciation.

To the Chinese, the date & time of birth also matters a lot in their name, which is called “Sheng Chen Ba Zi” in Chinese—the pillars of destiny. It works something like the horoscope. Chinese is convinced that the time of birth could affect the characteristic of a baby and his/her future.  This pillars of destiny also corresponds to the “Wu Xing”, or the five elements as known in other parts of the world. If your “Sheng Chen Ba Zi” is lacking certain elements, you can make it up in your name.  It’s all part of the “Yin and Yang”, the “Tai Chi”, and the “Feng Shui”. 

Sounds good so far right? Yep, it’s all cool until you realize your name is actually “bad” or “unlucky”.  A “bad” or “unlucky” name can be changed at anytime to boost your fortune. Which bring us to the hot topic of the day - Yao Jinnan changes her name.

The name Jinnan literally means “golden boy” in Chinese (guess her parents really wanted a boy… her twin sister was named “fine boy” -_-).  Which is not bad if you get over the boy part.  However, the pronunciation of the name sounds just like the phrase “hard to get gold”…Mmmmm…could this be the reason she never get the gold on the world stage? Her superstitious family seems to think so. In order to complete her quest for gold, the old name’s gotta go.

After consulting with a fortune teller, Yao discovered that her “Sheng Chen Ba Zi” or pillars of destiny is lacking two elements: wood and metal.  Hence her parents chose the name Ziyi to make up for these two elements.  The most funny thing about the new name is that the pronunciation can also mean “easy to get a son”. Oh, Mr. & Mrs Yao, you two are truly something else… >_<

Anyways, there’s no scientific proof that you can alter your destiny just by changing your name; but at least, it provides a psychological assurance.  We hope Yao will finally get her wish and grab that gold medal that’s be eluding her all this time. Good luck Yao!

p.s. - the name Yao Ziyi is on a test period.  Yao has yet to change her official documents. Don’t rush to change your tumblr tags yet. ^_^

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Recent article in East Week on Cheng Fei.  Nothing new, just reiteration of what we already know.  But still, nice to see her in print media again ^_^

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Grill Master Sui Lu, must have for all picnics  ^_^

College life suits her well, she seems so much happier than back when she was competing. Stay beautiful Sui-sui!

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Yao Jinnan upgrades her UB dismount

(Video via Che Li’s Weishi)

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Team Captain Shang Chunsong leads TC in winter training upgrades

Exciting news are coming from Team China after a long winter training period.  We are seeing upgrades all over; better vaults, more difficult tumbling passes, improved dismounts… things are finally looking good again after the departure of the 2008-2012 squad.  But same as always, upgrades only count when performed in competition.  Best of luck girls!

(Video: Shang Chunsong 3.5 twist on floor via Che Li’s Weishi)

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Cheng Fei’s recent visit to Hong Kong

(Photo Credit: Lu Binghui/Xinhua News)

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Ying Liu (Jr)
Tingting Liu (Jr)
Huan Luo (Jr)
Linlin Zhou (Jr)
Yufen Xie (Sr)
Wei Wang (Sr)

Huanzhang Jin (Jr)
Zhao Huang (Jr)
Jingyuan Zou (Jr)
Shengchao Yang (Sr)
Wentian Lu (Sr)
Weifeng Cai (Sr)

The Competition Schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, April 9

  • 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m  WAG: Group 1 team & all-around
  • 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.  WAG: Group 2 team & all-around
  • 7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.  WAG: Group 3 team, all-around & awards

Thursday, April 10

  • 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.MAG: Group 1 team & all-around
  • 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  MAG: Group 2 team, all-around & awards


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